Qualcomm introduced a powerful and cost-effective processors for smartphones


Earlier this year, Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon chipset 625 - first made on 14-nanometer process, which reduces the energy consumption by 35%. Smartphones based on this chip worked incredibly long. For example, Moto Z Play can play Full HD video at a maximum brightness of 25 hours! At the summit, the company introduced the 5G continued: Snapdragon 626.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 is fully compatible with the software and the parameters of 625-th model, so that the manufacturers of smartphones without any problems to start using the new version. The main difference - in performance, it is 10% higher. So the most cost-effective chipset for smartphones became a little faster, solving the problem of its predecessor.

The second innovation - a new modem LTE X9 (with support for LTE Cat.7 / Cat.13 - to download data rates and sending 300/150 Mbit / s).

Third - Support dual cameras (formerly dual cameras supported in devices with higher-end processors). So with the Snapdragon 626 will become more common inexpensive smartphones with dual cameras, which work really long. Good addition to the lineup.


Also presented were the Snapdragon 427 (for entry-level devices, example: Xiaomi Redmi 3S) and Snapdragon 653 for mass flagships (example: Sony Xperia X, HTC 10 Lifestyle, LeEco Le 2). They also differ by 10% increased productivity, the new LTE modem X9 and circuitry compatible with their predecessors.

Another loud news - the announcement of the first mobile modem that supports Gigabit data rates. Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE (also developed 14-nanometer process technology FinFET) - the first commercially available, the LTE modem Cat.16, providing downlink speed connections at 1 Gb / s. So smartphones with such data rates - not far off.

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