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Razer Phone 1 User Manual
Razer Phone 1 User Manual
Razer Phone 1 User Manual.pdf
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Razer Phone 1

Razer Phone 2 User Manual
Razer Phone 2 User Manual
Razer Phone 2 User Manual.pdf
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Razer 2 phone

Razer History

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The history of the American company Razer dates back to 1998. That year, the company was able to dispel the myth that all computer manipulators should look the same and thus cause despair and despondency in every user.


It was Razer that was able to introduce such a thing as “gaming hardware”. That is why the company can rightly be called as the founder of the professional gaming peripherals market.


The first product of the Razer was the Boomslang wired ball mouse. Initially, 1000, and then - 2000 dpi. Given the fact that such a mouse did not have worthy competitors, it caused a real sensation. And he, in turn, largely determined the long success of the company.


Then she mastered the issue and other gaming accessories. Recall that at the beginning of the century rugs for the manipulator were the same size. And the quality of the coating did not differ. About the design generally silent. Razer proved that the rug can occupy the third part of the table, to be pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it did not need to be changed even after a year of intensive work.


We need to remember about the first backlit keyboard. When all gamers were totally addicted to modding, suddenly there were glowing keyboards from Razer. They are well complemented by stylish gaming machines. Even today, the backlit keyboard is the perfect solution for those who stay up late at night.