New Phone

New Phone · 30. December 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) received a huge 6-inch screen, but in terms of body dimensions, the smartphone is not much larger than its predecessor, which has a 5.7-inch panel. This is possible thanks to a new design of the display panel, which was called Infinity Display. Its corners have a rounded shape, because of what the device looks even more modern.
New Phone · 29. December 2017
A few months before the presentation of Apple, it became clear that the company will call its smartphone with OLED-display somehow in a special way. And it happened. The first iPhone with an OLED display was named - iPhone X, in honor of the anniversary of the original iPhone 2G, which in the summer of 2017 turned ten years old. Thus, Apple theoretically jumped over one generation of iPhone - iPhone 9.
New Phone · 25. December 2017
Products of the Chinese company Huawei are associated not only with excellent assembly, excellent design and remarkable functionality, but also technological. The last point is especially evident in the company's flagship gadgets. And the hero of today's review refers precisely to this category of amazing and amazing imaginative devices.