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Fujitsu f001 User Manual
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FUJITSU Mobile Phones History

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Japanese Corporation, a major manufacturer of computer equipment, electronics and climate technology.


The history of this powerful holding with a very complex structure began as early as 1935, June 20. It was then that Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing was founded, a branch of Fuji Electric Limited (founded in 1923 as a joint venture between German Siemens AG and the Japanese Furukawa Electric Company). First, Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing (in the Japanese manner its name looked like Fuji Tsuushinki Seizou Kabushikigaisha) was engaged, as its name implies, with telephony equipment.


It was this company that was the first company in Japan to produce solutions that were easy to use in homes and offices. After the end of the Second World War, it is she who is engaged in the reconstruction of the entire destroyed telecommunications infrastructure of the country, which allows her to receive all subsidies and guarantees from the Japanese Ministry of Telecommunications and get back on its feet.


Finally, the Fujitsu brand was formed in 1967. The word "Fujitsu" arose as a merger of the first two words from the Japanese company name (Fuji Tsuushinki), which from now on became known as Fujitsu Kabushiki Kaisha. As in the case of another Japanese company - Fuji Photo Film Corporation, the name Fujitsu arose in honor of Mount Fuji. Only to it still added "tsuu", which can be translated as "reach".

The company introduced its first computer in October 1954 - the FACOM 100. Since 1978, Fujitsu has been actively cooperating with Siemens AG (PDF Manuals page) in the field of computer systems. Later (in 1980) it will become Japan's largest computer manufacturer. In 1981, the company's first personal computer appeared. At the same time, no one ever thought of forgetting about telecommunications - this trend is also actively developing. Moreover, Fujitsu equipment is already used not only in Japan.


To list all the achievements and developments of Fujitsu will require not one article, and even a book. They concern not only computer equipment, but also telecommunications and consumer electronics, air conditioners, microelectronics and components. The holding's fields of activity concern also such area as consulting - Fujitsu Consulting. The subsidiary company NIFTY Corporation is the largest Japanese Internet provider.


Fujitsu was the first of IT companies to offer a new model of customer relationships, when a set of additional services related to equipment maintenance is provided for an additional fee. This happened in 1992, when the PROPOSE project ("PROfessional Total SupPOrt Service") started. Household and climate technology is manufactured by Fujitsu General Ltd.


A very famous joint venture was Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC), the main one on October 1, 1999. Sphere of activity - computer systems, from desktop to mobile. It existed until October 22, 2008, when Siemens, following its globalization projects, sold its share to Fujitsu. Since then, FSC is known as Fujitsu Technology Solutions and is one of the components of the global company Fujitsu Group. The field of activity has remained the same.


The headquarters of Fujitsu Limited is located in Tokyo, Japan. Representations are scattered all over the world.


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