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Xiaomi Smartphone History

There are some Xiaomi Schematics Diagrams & Manuals PDF above.


History of Chinese company Xiaomi began June 6, 2010 in the capital of the People's Republic of China. At the root Xiaomi was minded company who wanted to release a smartphone with attractive performance and low cost. The initial investors for a young ambitious company made the Chinese venture capital funds.


The key figures Xiaomi become Lei Jun and Lin Bin, and Lei Jun quite often compared with Steve Jobs. The Xiaomi it is not just a CEO of, but also the inspiration and ideologist of creating the concept of the products of this brand. By the way, the presentation of CEO Xiaomi prefers to spend in jeans, but instead wears a turtleneck shirt or shirt. Another interesting fact. Lei Jun has an excellent operability. His usual working hours - 12 hours, 6 days a week. And that such a schedule, he encourages other top managers Xiaomi.


So what is the secret of success Xiaomi? In my opinion, not in the production of cheap smart phones. Now it is difficult to surprise anyone. Especially when it comes to many manufacturers from China. More importantly, that Xiaomi has turned clearly identify itself in the market and to find its niche. The first step to success for this manufacturer became the property of the shell for Android, which is loved by millions of users.


And, Xiaomi sensitive to the problems and suggestions that arose from her audience. In particular, when there were problems with the first batch of Xiaomi Mi-ONE, the manufacturer was able to quickly solve them by signing a contract with a large number of partners and actually organize their own service network. And, in my opinion, it is focus on the needs and desires of the user, as well as constantly developing proprietary shell and became a key to success for Xiaomi.


Of course, it was not without affordable and powerful smartphones this would succeed. But, just to release cheap and powerful smartphone is not enough, you need to be able to create a device that users will love. And Xiaomi succeeded.


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