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The fact that the iPhone 8 case is made of glass has upset many Apple fans - but for good reason. Although this decision was made in order to provide the new smartphone with the possibility of wireless charging, the developers took care of protecting the gadget from drops, dust and water. The glass has an additional protective layer and is reinforced with a steel base and a frame made of aluminum, which is used in the aerospace industry, and all elements of the body are adjusted so that even if you drop the phone in water, it will not harm it.


As we have said, a special glass case was made primarily for the possibility of wireless charging. To experience this feature, it is not necessary to wait for the AirPower sale, which will appear in stores only in 2018. iPhone 8 supports Qi wireless chargers, which can be found in many hotels, cafes, airports and cars.


The iPhone 8 is available with an already standard 64 GB and 256 GB memory, but their owners will feel that this number has increased significantly, thanks to the HEIF format, which stores photos. In it, images occupy two times less space than JPEG, not just without losing, but even surpassing in quality. For video, the same uses the HEVC codec, which also makes the videos smaller.


Updated stereo speakers are 25% louder compared to previous models. Now you can fully enjoy the new albums of your favorite bands, even hearing the deepest bass.


One of the main advantages of the iPhone 8 is the powerful A11 Bionic processor, thanks to which sending messages, searching the Internet, and other smartphone actions are performed up to 70% faster than previous models. In this case, the battery charge is more economical, so you can finally stop worrying that the iPhone is discharged at the most inopportune moment.