PDA Service Codes


Acer n50 - the extreme left and right buttons + reset + power



MuRa1 Asus A716 (as I was told on A600/620/620VT - the same way) - you must first disable (if available) machine button "Power", then the stylus to move the lock mounting the battery, remove the battery and now and then - twice to move the lever on the back PPC wall itself - to disable and then re-enable the backup battery. Then we put the battery pack, fix it blocker and include "Power" button on the front panel.

Asus A636 / 632

1) simultaneously press the "Reduce the sound" ( "Volume down") and the rightmost arrow button no circle ( "vogue the Switch")

2) Hold down the key and press reset.

3) The menu (in Russian) with a proposal to press the "Magnifying glass with a minus" to confirm or press the "Magnifying glass with a plus" to cancel.

Asus R525 deduct "Joystick upward" push "Reset".



Dell Axim X30 - Hold the "Power" + click "Reset". De11X50, X50V - are holding "Power", "Calendar", "the Note" + click "Reset".



Eten M600 / G500

1. Hold "power" + "Reset", hold a few seconds, let go

2. once you press the "red tube" and hold, until the issues.

3. Ha questions you answer "yes"



Loox 720 - Hold the "Power" + click "Reset".

Loox N500 / N520 / n560 / C550 1. Press Power + Calendar 2. While holding these buttons, press and hold the "Reset" for 3 seconds 3. Releasing the soft-reset and hold Power + Calendar to start devaysa (about 3-5 seconds)



g-smart i - Windows key + OK button + Power

I found medtodom at random, or rather accidentally mixed up the buttons to do in iHstruktsii and He guys did not go on to press the whole, in the instructions for a full reset finally no other written (green + red tube + power) in this case the device ischit ULDR and Imedzh He finds estesvenno , checks for errors and pishit Oak vklyuchaetsya.

In both cases, press the button until the indicator lights up in yellow. Akuma slaughter must be above 50 ° / a or otherwise He does not, will swear Tipo little charging and TA


[HP PocketPC2002 / WM2003]

hp iPAQ 3950, 3970, 5450, 5550, 2210, rz1710, rx3715, 2110/2410/2710, hx4700 -

1. Hold the buttons simultaneously, "the iTask" and "Calendar" + click "Reset".

2. It is necessary to hold the combination to complete extinction of the screen, but He is less than 5 seconds.

3. Release the button on the front panel, once again, briefly press the «Reset».

hp iPAQ 4150

1. Press and hold the "Power" button.

2. Use the stylus to press the "Reset" and hold this combination

few seconds.

3. First release "Power" button and then - "Reset".

hp iPAQ 1940 -

1. Hold the "Power" + click "Reset". 2. Release the stylus, once again press the "Power".

hp 6340

1. Press and hold the "Power" button.

2. Use the stylus to press the "Reset" and hold this combination of a few seconds.

3. Once the buttons are released, the device will turn on automatically.


[HP WM50]

hp iPAQ hx2410 with WM5.0, and 2190/2490/2790 -

1. Press and hold the "Power" + "Calendar" + "Messaging" + click "Reset".

2. Hold the combination of a few seconds.

HP 4700 + WM5

Clean reset done

as follows: Calendar + Contact + Messages + Reset.

HP rx1950

holding the button Calendar and Wi-Fi, you press the stylus reset about two to five seconds. Then let go of the button first, then the stylus.


HTC Artemis (htc R3300)

1. Hold down the two soft keys, press the "Reset"

2. Releasing "Reset", hold both buttons, until the white lettering on a black background

(Meaning the inscription: for: Confirming vozsrata to factory settings, press the "green key")

3. Click "green" ( "pick up")


Lenovo et960

Press together three buttons: Today / Today + Camera / Camera + End / Reject. 3atem stylus press Reset / Reboot


[Mitac Mio]

Mitac Mio A201 - is described in the instructions properly! Correctly so -

1. Take out the battery.

2. Switch the switch to OFF

3. Switch the switch to ON and stifle the button "RECORD"

4. Hold down !!! button "RECORD", insert the battery and close the battery cover.

5. Only with the appearance of the inscription "Loading" let go of the button "RECORD"

Mitac Mio A700 / 701

1. Turn off the phone

2. Clamps knopra volume down 3. choke on, until the vibration. 4. Then all the buttons are released and ready to hard reset

Mitac Mio R550

"Up" Squeezes on the joystick and hold down the, doing soft reset. Keep the "up" until the logo He will


[Qtek, Imate, T-mobile, HTC, etc.]

Qtek 9090, PDA2k -

Ha wm2003 - are holding "Power" + click "Reset".

Ha WM5 - simultaneously press the Power, Reset, Camera, Record And the second option - Simultaneously press the Power + Reset, let go, and quickly clamp Record + Camera before the versions in the lower right corner.

The Menu of 3 points. 2 and 3 point set in the "Yes" button Record and Camera, and click Mail. Full XP provided.

Qtek s100, Imate Jam, T-mobile MDA Compact - are holding "Power" + click "Reset".

Qtek 9100 and others like them in the Wizard Platform: Hold the upper side 2 -menedzher connection buttons and voice dialing, letting go of the button and He poke (and remove) the stylus into the hole reseta. After a few seconds the screen will turn black and you will be offered for XP click

"Send" (green Knop).

Qtek G100 clamped 2 soft keys (extreme) and the stylus button is soft reseta.

Qtek s200 simultaneously press and hold the two left buttons and reset. (Button on the left panel of the unit, this unit is comfortable to hold up hole CP) let go of the reset, but still hold the side buttons for some time after a few seconds. Appears: "Press Send to restore factory default, Other keys to quit". Press the green call button, and get a "clean" machine.


Samsung SGH-i700 - Hold down the Power button (second from the top on the right side) and the rear tip of the stylus (unscrew the pre-tip), press the button COOT-rezet (at the bottom of the device next to the battery);



Voxtel W420

1) In the off or on state (not important) to clamp 3 button (green, red and the camera)

2) Use the stylus to press the RESET button (next to the miniUSB connector)

3) Wait until the screen lights up

4) He let go of the key until the screen goes out He

5) When the screen is off, turn on the device!



yakumo deltax 5 bt

1. Hold down the "Power" + "joystick up", press "Reset". 2. Keep all> 5 sec., Release the "Reset"

3. "Power" + "joystick up" hold until the screen lights up.



RoverPC S5

1. Press and slide down "button, which is under the record button"

2. Hold to claim 1, click the button itself the "Record"

3. Holding it all click "Reset" and, without releasing the button, wait for the appearance of the menu.

Rover P5 + pinch scroll wheel (middle position) + reset.