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MTV 4.0 User Manual
MTV 4.0 User Manual
MTV 4.0 User Manual.pdf
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MTV 4.0

MTV Mobile Phones Brand History

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MTV Mobile was a virtual mobile operator born in Italy in 2008 by MTV Italia S.r.l. which used the TIM network to provide its services.


The offer was based on services designed for young people, in particular on access to multimedia content such as music files, videos, internet browsing and instant messaging. For this purpose MTV Mobile reached agreements with some manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones for the production of customized devices.


The migration to TIM, being in fact "internal" to the same mobile operator was immediate, like a simple sim card exchange procedure, and free; the portability towards other managers instead was a classic portability and would have required more time (usually from 3 to 5 days) to be successful, and therefore should have been requested with a fair advance, not the last days close to June 5 .


The protests of users who found themselves with the disabled number found an outlet in the various forums and discussion groups on the internet; there are appeals by those who claim to have been informed by an unsatisfactory text message (in fact it could also be interpreted as an advertisement to go to TIM and not as a service message).


MTV Mobile Phones were made by ZTE Coporation (Manuals PDF page).