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RAZER Smart Watch Manual PDF

Razer Nabu Watch User Manual
Razer Nabu Watch User Manual
Razer Nabu Watch User Manual.pdf
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Razer Nabu Watch

Razer Nabu Watch Review

There's a RAZER Nabu Watch User Manual PDF above the page.


Razer Nabu Watch comes in a transparent box that allows you to evaluate the appearance of the watch before purchase. All components are hidden in the stand.


Razer Nabu Watch looks unusual, here, unlike competitors, they did not try to imitate the classic design of a mechanical watch. Surprised views of friends and colleagues in the early days of wearing provided.


By design, they will appeal to lovers of style G-Shock. Massive body with a sporty character.


The main body material is black plastic with a matte finish. External surfaces are non-staining.


Zones around the four mechanical buttons on the perimeter with a green border. In the main version of the Razer Nabu Watch, the buttons are plastic with a small texture pattern, there is also a special version with metal buttons.


Another button on the center of the bottom face. Deal with the action of each of them is not difficult, they are signed. You can find the right one without visual contact.


The back panel is made of metal. In this area there is a magnetic connector for charging. As with the entire series, it is important to take care of the charging cable, the loss will lead to the need to search and purchase the original one.


The screen is covered with protective glass. The internal space is divided into four zones. Three of them can work up to a year without recharging. The lower zone is responsible for the smart part, notifications and information on activity are displayed on it. Razer Nabu Watch received built-in lights, activated by pressing one of the buttons. Brightness is set in the application settings. Turning off the backlight allows you to further save the charge during the day.


In fact, Razer Nabu Watch are two different gadgets. Smart bracelet and chronometer. Alarm clock, current time, timer, second time zone time, date, icons of the main settings are displayed permanently on the screen. And no less important: under this part a separate battery is used with the stated work resource during the year. These features work independently of the smartphone.

Data on notifications and activity are displayed in a separate OLED-display with a resolution of 128 by 16 pixels. Switching information passes through the central mechanical button. It also displays the current call data, text messages and notifications from applications. The long text is shown as a running line, the speed is adjustable.


In order not to miss an incoming call, inside the Razer Nabu Watch, there is a vibromotor that notifies of calls and events. Power is good, enough even for waking up the alarm clock.


The accuracy of counting steps can not be called perfect, it can be forgiven given the fact that we are not a professional device. For the average user, the data collected may well be used to analyze their activity. The table below shows the counting data from different wearable devices.


Liked the organization of tracking sleep, accounting is activated automatically. Not every smart watch can boast that.


The smart part of the Razer Nabu Watch works from 5 to 7 days, depending on the screen settings and notification output activity. The result is excellent, charging takes an hour and a half.


The watch case is protected from moisture. You can dive to a depth of 50 meters, maintaining a pressure of 5 atmospheres.