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Garmin Mobile Phones History

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One of the world's leading manufacturers of GPS navigation systems, for both mere mortals and professionals. Navigators Garmin are used in military equipment, navigation, aviation, ground transportation, tourism. They are produced as models with large screens and a lot of possibilities, as well as tiny ones, hidden in the body, put on the arm in the manner of the watch.


Garmin was born in 1989. It was founded by a certain Gary Burrell and Ming Kao, whose names also served as the basis for the title (Gary + Min). Initially, the company was engaged in the development of navigational instruments for aviation. Its products were used during the war in the Persian Gulf.


Gradually, the range began to expand. GPS comes to the masses. One of the most famous models produced by Garmin is the GPS 12, which appeared in 1997, the leading pedigree from army equipment. The device was very simple, with a not too intelligible interface on a monochrome screen. But it was exceptionally reliable in operation and had a waterproof casing. GPS 12 was, if not legendary, then at least extremely popular. For a long time it was a certain standard of what a personal GPS-navigator should be.

The current production of Garmin is much more complicated. There is no one to surprise with large and colorful screens, a lot of functions and possibilities. In the market for professionals, the company feels like a clear leader.


Competitors here it is not so much, the most serious of which is the Dutch TomTom (as should be mentioned Mio Technology, Navman and Magellan, but their positions are much weaker). But the competition in the market of personal GPS navigation systems has escalated to impossibility. All those who are not lazy are engaged in this product now. The Finnish Nokia (PDF Manuals page), which made Ovi Maps at the beginning of 2010 free, added fuel to the fire, and after all, they are using a large army of smartphones from the company.


But the smartphone market is not so far from Garmin. Since January 2008 the company has entered it, introducing Garmin Nüvifone - smartphones equipped with large touch screens, oriented primarily to personal GPS navigation. They are assembled by the Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS (Manuals PDF page). In this regard, sometimes on the web you can find the full name: Garmin-Asus Nuvifone. These devices can not be called too popular, but they have not gone unnoticed. The name "Nüvifone" - derived from "Nüvi" - is the name of the company's most famous car navigators.


An important component of the company's products is software, which is used in a wide variety of equipment.

Garmin's headquarters are in Olathe, Kansas, USA. The structure of Garmin Ltd. includes several offices located in different parts of the world: Garmin International, Inc., Garmin Asia Corporation, Garmin Europe Ltd., Garmin AT.


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