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Land Rover Explore User Manual
Land Rover Explore User Manual
Land Rover Explore User Manual.pdf
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Landrover A8F

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Land rover G702 2+16GB


Waterproof and shockproof smartphone G702

The maximum strength of the new Land Rover G702 is an ideal solution for active people who are constantly on the move due to extreme outdoor activities, as well as for those who work in dangerous conditions. The phone is made of the highest quality waterproof polycarbonate, the G702 withstands extreme temperatures, diving, multiple shocks and falls. The unique technology allows you to control the touch screen even in gloves, which makes the phone the best option for both adrenaline seekers and industrial workers.


The advantage of having physical buttons to pick up and hang up. That allows you to answer the call in any position.


Degree of protection: international certificate IP-68

Military Standard Protection MIL-STD 810G

Diving under water up to 1 hour to a depth of 2 m

Impact resistance: withstands falling onto concrete from a height of 1.2 m

Maintains static pressure up to 1 ton


Operating temperature: -20 to +50 ° C

Land Rover G702 2+16GB

Land Rover A8 Pro Camouflage


Regarding the design of the Land Rover A8pro, one can only say that it is truly “masculine” and at the same time solid. The practicality of such a phone is very big, because besides the main specification - security, the device positions itself as strict and solid. The body, as in the other armor-piercing gadgets, consists of a plastic-metal frame that protects against falls and prevents mechanical damage. On top of the user will be available plastic surfaces, as well as metal inserts on the sides. Most likely, they also serve as an aesthetic component, because each smartphone should be unique in its own way. Below the display are conveniently located buttons "home", "menu" and "back." The general view of the device can be called fascinating and attracting attention. This model meets all modern standards of both appearance and security.


By the way, it is equal to the standard here, which says about the prevention of mechanical damage when falling from a low height - up to 1 meter. You can also fully rely on the stability of the device against splashing water and rain. The back cover of the device can be removed, under it a 10,000 mAh battery and 3 slots. Two of them - for SIM cards, and the third for flash memory. If you look a little lower, the Land Rover A8pro secure phone received a very large and loud speaker, through which it is pleasant to listen to music, watch movies and so on. There is also a lid that snugs tightly against the case, so you really shouldn't worry about the device's water resistance. The camera also looks remarkable on the very top of the back side. Near it there is an inscription HD Camera, which indicates the possibility of shooting high-quality video with excellent stabilization, even if your hands are shaking.


The device package is good enough, there is a powerful charger and headphones. There is also a screwdriver that you could independently disassemble the case and install a memory card with SIM cards. Technical part. What set the manufacturer in a strong branded device with autonomy for more than 5 days? It has components such as 2 gigabytes of RAM, as well as the Mali-500MP graphics chip. 16 gigabytes of built-in flash memory will not seem superfluous either, but you can make your device a really “big data storage” of data if you install a supported memory card with a capacity of up to 64 gigabytes. The processor itself is a good chip in 2018, which gained fame thanks to its installation in the most top and popular models of smartphones. It differs very good attitude to the battery charge.


Thanks to its proprietary technologies, only 2 of 4 cores with minimum loads work, and this removes quite a lot of load from the battery, which is already capacious. Thus, the manufacturer tried its best, making its device quite progressive and high-quality. Its performance is estimated by the benchmark Antutu at 25 thousand points, which for a given level of the device is an indicator above the average. The device easily copes with external influences, and with many internal factors, for example, with a good system load in applications.

Land Rover A8 Pro

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