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SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 S10+ S10E User Manual PDF

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 S10+ S10E User Manual PDF
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 S10+ S10E User Manual PDF
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Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

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The Galaxy line in 2019 becomes the anniversary, the tenth generation of these smartphones is released. These are the most popular smartphones on Android, their sales amount to hundreds of millions of pieces over the years.


Samsung has always tried to make uncompromising devices, which would have the latest technology, while focusing not only on the technology itself, but also on ease of use. In 2019, three vehicles appear at the market at once, and not two, as we are used to. Usually the company produces two models: one smaller, and the other, with the prefix “plus”, bigger. But their design and capabilities were always identical.


For the S10 and S10 +, this tradition continues, but an even younger model, which is distinguished by a flat display, is being added, this is what many buyers have asked for. In addition to the flat screen, it is also the youngest model, and, accordingly, its cost is minimal. We will consider this device in a separate material, but for now I want to focus on two older models, since many will choose their own device among them.


As usual, the difference between the S10 and S10 + in the size of the screen, but this year also differs the amount of memory that is available to you. In the older model S10 + implemented ceramic case, 12 GB of RAM, as well as 1 TB of memory for your data.


I have just such a device, since it was most interesting to me. It is clear that many will choose the device based on the budget, but for the first time a model appears on the market that can have 1.5 TB of memory for files (1 TB of internal memory plus a 512 GB memory card).


Samsung wanted for anniversary devices to rethink the approach to such products, namely, to combine the design of devices with the UI, to make them as much as possible flowing into each other. It sounds trite, the desire is known for a long time, but it turned out to be done only now. And if you can usually say about Samsung smartphones that they are pleasant, interesting or something, then these models turned out to be not just good, they are damn good.


Although at first glance, they are not very different from the previous generation and formally slightly evolved. But here is a new camera, a new type of screen, an updated UI, as well as optimization of battery performance. In a word, they shook up in the filling practically, everything turned out to be devices that cause pure, uncomplicated delight.


These models, perhaps, will be the strongest offer both from Samsung and from any other manufacturer over the past years. These are flagships without any discounts and the best that you can buy on the market. I like the devices very much, so I will praise and scold them equally hotly.


At the same time, the S10e was made more youthful, the colors are brighter there.

Samsung S10

I got S10 +, but it is simply impossible to distinguish it by touch from a conventional device, it seems that it is glass. Outwardly, they are almost indistinguishable, so counting on the fact that ceramics will be somehow noticeable is not worth it. Another thing is that in everyday use it is more interesting. But to put scratches on Corning Gorilla Glass and on ceramics is equally difficult.


The models use a new generation of Corning Gorilla Glass, it has not received any commercial marketing name. In fact, this is the seventh generation of glass (previous Gorilla Glass 5 was the sixth generation). Improved various characteristics, in particular, resistance to shock. You can break the phone, but it is extremely difficult to do. Samsung has been consistently improving this parameter year after year.


One of the questions that I was constantly asked before the announcement of the “dozen”: did Samsung remove the 3.5 mm connector, as Apple did? Someone tried to foolishly fool: “And how do you start singing when there is no 3.5 mm connector in the S10? How do you start to justify such a decision? ”.


I am very glad that Apple fans knew for sure that there would be no 3.5 mm connector, but at Samsung, they decided not to indulge their aspirations. From the first day of development, connector 3.5 was present, and it has not gone anywhere. At the bottom there is a 3.5 mm jack, as well as a USB Type C jack, plus a speaker output right there.

I want to talk about the speakers separately. Samsung, as you remember, purchased Harman Kardon (they also own the AKG brand and several others). The first few years, the companies rubbed each other, and the tenth generation was the first where Harman engineers were responsible for the sound, they created the sound from scratch - they chose the speakers, tuned them, worked on the software. What result? Stunning.


The location of the keys is usual, on the right side there is an on / off button, on the left side there is a paired volume button, just below it is the Bixby key. It should be noted that the power button was carried to the very top, it is inconveniently located. The idea of engineers was that the button is needed in a limited number of cases, for example, if you want to turn off the device completely. Such an arrangement is an attempt to teach people to abandon its use for all tasks.