Device · 20. January 2018
Capacity - one of the most important criteria, which you need to navigate when buying. It is will determine how long your mobile device will remain offline until you get to the outlet. In order for the external battery to cope with its task, it is necessary to choose an apparatus whose capacity is at least twice the same indicator of the battery of the phone or tablet. 1. The battery capacity of a good smartphone is about 3000 mAh, which means that it requires an external battery for 6
Device · 13. January 2018
Most wireless chargers use magnetic induction and magnetic resonance. They offer to place the gadget on a special surface for automatic charging, without the need to connect the cable to the device. Of course, wireless charging is not really wireless. Your phone, a smart clock, a tablet do not need to be connected to the charging, but the wireless charger itself must still be connected with a cable to the power adapter or USB port.