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Lenovo Watch 9 User Manual
Lenovo Watch 9 User Manual
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Lenovo Watch 9 Quartz Smartwatch

Lenovo Watch X User Manual
Lenovo Watch X User Manual
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Lenovo Watch X Ronda

Lenovo Smart Band Quick Guide
Lenovo Smart Band Quick Guide
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lenovo smart band spectra

Lenovo Watch 9 Review

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Back in March 2018, Lenovo introduced the hybrid smart watch Watch 9. Then for some reason they did not appear on sale for a long time. In May, they appeared on the shelves of Chinese stores, but apparently, due to high demand, they began to sell them at a price much higher than the $ 20 announced by the company. Now the hype has subsided a bit, and Lenovo Watch 9 can be freely bought for about $ 25.


The watch comes in a simple cardboard box with the manufacturer's logo and the model name on the top, as well as information about the device on the bottom of the package.


Inside the box, everything is just as simple: only the watch itself and the instruction on top of it.


The instruction is probably very useful and informative, but only for those who know Chinese. I could only make out where the logo and notification indicator is located.


All that is needed in this manual is a QR code for downloading an application for iPhone and Android smartphones. Without downloading the application to use the clock will not work, because even the time in hours is set in the application. But more about that later. Even during the Watch 9 announcement, it was known that their case is made of stainless steel, the dial is covered with sapphire crystal with a hardness of 9H, and the silicone strap.

If everything is pretty good with the design and quality of the accessory itself, then there are a lot of questions to the application. Raw it is impossible to, starting with the installation. After downloading the application will have to register. To do this, you need a phone number (confirmation comes) and e-mail. Then everything is standard, enter the height, weight, date of birth. The application itself is crookedly translated into English, but, in principle, everything is intuitively understandable.


Pedometer and sleep monitoring work fine, and do not cause complaints. Pulse measurement. As you can see in the clock there is no pulse sensor, so it is measured in a very interesting way. To do this for a few seconds, you need to put your finger on the camera and the flash.


In fairness it should be noted that the data is not much different from the received Mi Band 2. Only the watch itself does not take any part in this dimension.


Remote control of the camera of the smartphone. To take a picture from the camera of the smartphone by shaking the clock or pressing a button, you need to turn on the camera in the application, that is, it’s like an additional application, which is not very convenient. This function did not work for me, and the photos turned out blurry.


Notifications. With notifications, everything is also not very good. They only work for incoming calls, SMS and some applications, including Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Nothing can be added, that is, if you want to receive notifications from Viber, it will not work.


Alarm clock. Alarm Lenovo Watch 9 has nothing to do with the smartphone's alarm clock. In the application, they can be installed three, they are not translated and the repetition is not installed, that is, if you did not feel several vibrations from the first time, you can oversleep.


Search phone. If this function is useful for someone, it works normally. Reminder activity. A very useful feature that will remind you to stroll through the triple vibration.