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Levis the Original mobile user manual
Levis the Original mobile user manual
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Levi's Mobile Phones History

You'll find a Levi's The Original Mobile Phone Manual PDF just above.


In the spring of 2008, Fly (Manuals PDF page) presents a novelty with an emphasis on the brand. And the humor of the situation is that Sagem (PDF Manuals page) is just as synchronous with the novelty projecting the same idea of an accessory to the brand's clothing lineup.


From a telephone point of view, the model is interesting by the moment associated with the use of the new ODM manufacturer seen in the manufacture of the Samsung P520. If you remember, it was the first device of the Korean manufacturer in the style of a plastic card, on which attention was accentuated. For Samsung (Service Manuals page), this hardware chassis is very important, because the same P520 is built on the same innards. Accordingly, the very fact of Fly's appearance of such a product can already be called a qualitative evolution in the development of products, when not only little-known solutions developed by R & D centers of ODM-manufacturers are implemented, but quite sharp solutions that have only recently been introduced into the manufacturers of the first three. On this, for now, we leave the moments related to the PCB filling of the Fly phone, and turn to the consideration of the moment associated with the second brand of the product.


Levi Strauss CO - this brand is not known, perhaps, only to those who have never encountered this kind of outerwear, like jeans. For more than a century of history, the company broke out into the leaders of the denim industry back in the middle of the last century, and now the Levi's brand is one of the largest in the entire clothing industry, plugging most fashion houses into the belt. However, such a large-scale control of markets inevitably led to the need to absorb more and related markets affecting the lifestyle of the buyer of this brand's clothing. So, since 2005, the company has started active efforts to accentuate the connection between Levi's clothes, and the technique that is worn in it. The first step was the collection of jeans, tailored to the use of the owner of Apple iPod (User Manuals page) players, which allowed the company to assess the potential demand for such solutions. If in Europe these jeans were not in high demand, then in the US success was more than noticeable, which allowed three years later to introduce another line: The Original.


Under the subbrand "The Original" is supposed to promote several technological "gadgets", which convey the same spirit of freedom and comfort as the clothes under the brand Levi's. By the beginning of March, that is, at the time of the launch of the project, the line is represented by one product that became the hero of our review today: Fly Levi's The Original.




Any communication with the device you just bought starts with parsing everything that the manufacturer has put in the box, and from the box itself too. And given the nondescript packaging of most Fly phones and the rare exceptions in the LX600, it was not necessary to expect anything original from the Levi's The Original box. The more pleasant it was to see a cardboard square box of impressive size, in which this phone is sold.