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Motorola 360 User Manual
Motorola 360 User Manual
Motorola 360 User Manual.pdf
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Motorola 360

Motorola 360 gen 2 User Manual
Motorola 360 gen 2 User Manual
Motorola 360 gen 2 User Manual.pdf
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Motorola 360 Gen 2

Motorola Smartwatch History

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Motorola, until recently, was part of Google, and therefore the first MOTO360 watches were perceived as a native, reference product of the search giant, at the level of Nexus devices. The perception of what Google does may be different, but it always guarantees interest. Moreover, by announcing their watches back in March 2014, Motorola provided time for other companies so that they could bring their device options to the market. Inside Motorola, smart watches as a project started back in 2008, in the wake of the popularity of the RAZR, the company explored new niches. In 2011, MOTOACTV watches appeared on the market, which were competitors of the Sony SmartWatch, differed by the same ideology.


That version of watches can be called sports, that’s exactly what the company positioned them, it’s not an accessory for every day, but an additional device for sports - which drastically reduced the potential niche for it. MOTOACTV sales were a failure, the watches quickly fell in value, and sold them outside the US, although initially this accessory was positioned only for the home market.

In 2011, the AURA Watch project appeared (the name was different, but that was how they were called inside the company), these watches differed in that they tried to make them designer and use round displays, as in MOTOAURA.


It turns out that in the watch market a designer product, similar to the MOTO360, can be a substitute for such devices. Potentially. But will it? The question is open, but for MOTO360 the answer can be given exact - the clock has already failed because of the volume of production and the manufacturer’s disbelief in them. But on the other hand, they can be purchased, and a small number of watches on the market even makes them more attractive, they are not exactly like everyone else