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VkWORLD Mobile Phone User Manual PDF

VkWorld T6 User Manual
VkWorld T6 User Manual
VkWorld T6 User Manual.pdf
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VKworld T6

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A VKWORLD Mobile Phone User Manual PDF is above the page.


A new smartphone Vkworld VK7000 with a very good filling for the third echelon is presented in China. The main feature of the device has become a wireless charging, which in this case is combined with a high-strength case.


The third echelon is working with might and main on a new smartphone, VKWorld Mix 3, which will replace last year’s VKWorld Mix Plus and show a new level of Chinese little-known manufacturers. It will be a real flagship with a large bright screen and a solid memory capacity, and its price will be the lowest among its competitors.


In August 2017, the Chinese brand VKWorld introduced the MIX Plus smartphone, and now it turned out that this device will soon have a successor. A model called Mix 3 is already preparing for the announcement: its characteristics are known, and the appearance is also not a secret. It is interesting that this device should have been released as early as December 2 as Mix 2, but VKWorld decided otherwise.


The Samsung S9 smartphone has not even been released yet, and in China it already has several clones built on its official renderers. One of them is called the Vkworld S9, and this is not the most affordable smartphone from the third tier - it costs much more than many interesting models from Xiaomi.

In January 2016, Vkworld introduced the Vkworld F1 smartphone. After almost two years, the company decided that everyone had forgotten about the device and introduced the Vkworld F1 smartphone again. Why all this is needed - let the researchers of the brand understand, we are more interested in the device itself. The “novelty”, which we quoted for obvious reasons, is distinguished by software features that are interesting at the end of 2017.


Immediately after China’s Independence Day, celebrated every year on the first of October, Vkworld decided to release the S8 smartphone, information about which went on the network for more than one week. The novelty is equipped with a popular screen with a resolution of 18:9, but at the same time it is the first smartphone in the world, which in addition to the screen boasts a 5500 mAh battery.


The Chinese company Vkworld will compete with the Korean Samsung in the smartphone market with a folding case and will release a much more affordable model T2 Plus than Samsung. The device, according to rumors, will have two screens with identical parameters at once, and both of them will be covered with reinforced tempered Gorilla Glass 4 glass, which is already very interesting.