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Smartisan T1 User Manual
Smartisan T1 User Manual
Smartisan T1 User Manual.pdf
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Smartisan U3 User Manual
Smartisan U3 User Manual
Smartisan U3 User Manual.pdf
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Smartisan T1
Smartisan U3 Pro

Smartisan Smartphones History

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Smartisan is a newcomer to the smartphone market. The first device she released only in 2014. However, its products definitely have a twist.


The founder of the company is Chinese Luo Yonghao. In general, it is surprising that he succeeded in this. He was not connected with technology, worked in eateries, then as a foreign language teacher, noted in small business and criticism of the government. However, in 2012, he founded Smartisan (Smartisan Technology Co., Ltd).

The company's mission, according to the manufacturer’s website, is to create high-quality electronics, especially smartphones. Technology should delight consumers and improve their quality of life.


In March 2013, it announced the creation of Smartisan OS, a shell on top of Android. And there, and not far from your smartphone. As you probably know, Xiaomi had about the same with MIUI.


Outside of China, the brand is not very well known, although there are buyers in other countries. I do not know if any of you, dear readers, had experience using the products of this brand.