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Nokia Steel User Guide
Nokia Steel User Guide
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Nokia Steel

Nokia Steel HR User Guide
Nokia Steel HR User Guide
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Nokia Steel HR Sport

Nokia Steel Review

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Technically, Nokia Steel is also classified as “smart,” but in practice this is not quite the case. For example, they are able to connect to the phone and track the characteristics of vital activity, but you cannot receive various types of messages or make calls with their help.


The product developed by Nokia turned out so unusual that it can be described as ambiguous. If you share the views of companies like Fitbits and Samsung Gears, they are unlikely to attract your attention. But if the need to regularly charge the device is annoying, if you prefer to not have anything extra, just style and a few functions, then Steel, perhaps what you are looking for.


Nokia Steel performs the functions of a standard activity tracker, but not in full. He is able to track the number of completed steps, the distance traveled, estimate the calorie volumes that you burned during your workout, as well as calculate all the energy spent during a day. That is, to monitor your livelihoods and sports activities, like running, walking or swimming. Nokia Steel will not fail to water if you do not intend to dive deeper than 50 meters. But those who prefer cyclic cardio loads or classes on an elliptical machine will have to turn to alternatives.


Also, the difference from other smart watches is that Steel displays a negligible amount of information collected during monitoring. On the watch itself, there is only a dial that shows how much you have gone in a day using the percentage scale. All other data is available only in the Nokia Mate application.

Health Mate, in turn, allows you to compare your activity with your friends, if they also use Nokia or Withings devices.


The application also notes the success of the user, giving him "achievements" at certain stages. For example, if you walk the distance of 42 kilometers, you will get the “marathon distance” icon.


One of the main advantages of Nokia Steel, before which many competitors fade away, is the battery. According to the manufacturer, he is able to work for 8 months from only one charge.


You put on your watch and just live your life. Occasionally play sports and go to the app to gauge your progress. This is good because it reveals the main principle of all intellectual technologies - less hassle. Especially if we recall that there are no navigation buttons on the Steel case, as on standard smart watches.


On the one hand, Nokia can be commended for the fact that in the century when most companies are striving to equip their products with various technologies to the maximum, they were not afraid to make a simple hybrid of watches and trackers. But on the other hand, they were not ashamed to ask for $ 130 for it. And the price tag hung on Nokia Steel obliges it to compete with devices in the corresponding price range.


As mentioned earlier, most of the functionality has more affordable counterparts in the form of inexpensive, sometimes completely free applications. The disadvantage is the fact that using Steel without your smartphone is almost impossible. For example, Garmin Vivosmart 3 for less than $ 10 offers you a heart rate monitor and a set of performance monitoring tools. This includes the V02 Max, an indicator of aerobic efficiency, which until recently was present only in expensive models of wearable technology.


If you compare Steel with Fitbit Alta HR, which is identical in value, it turns out that Fitbit’s heart rate tracking tools are available by default.