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iPhone 12 is an Apple smartphone that opens a new page of high-performance and stylish devices with an advanced camera.


This time there are 4 versions of smartphones: iPhone 12, 12 Plus, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.


The iPhone 12 make of glass (front and front panels) and metal (side frames). A bezel-less display, a slim body, multiple cameras, and a bezel-less screen are essential design features of Apple smartphones.


The main change affect the shape of the case, it is made in the style of iPhone 4, but the screen remain frameless.


The iPhone 12 come with rectangular edges similar to those in the 2020 iPad Pro. Experts are confident that the new items receive a metal frame with a more complex production process.


Waterproof case according to IP68 standard.


Depending on the iPhone model, the display size differ:


5.4 '' - iPhone 12;

6.1 '' - iPhone 12 Plus;

6.1 '' - iPhone 12 Pro;

6,7 '' - iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 12 series

All new items will receive an OLED screen, but it's worth noting that Apple continue to release LCD smartphones.


Undoubtedly, the iPhone 12 receive a large screen on which it pleasant to watch movies and TV shows, flip through the news feed or read books.


Proprietary development TrueTone responsible for automatic brightness and white balance adjustment. The OLED Retina display delivers rich colors and deep blacks in all situations.


The screen resolution is 2688x1242, the maximum brightness is 625 cd / m².


The display refreshed at 120Hz (ProMotion technology, which is already on the iPad), which make the gameplay more dynamic and the interface smoother. It become more comfortable to work with the device, you will feel the difference at 60 Hz.


Confirmation that the iPhone 12 has a 120Hz screen. According to him, in the settings, users be able to choose the desired operating frequency - 60 or 120 Hz.

iPhone 12

It is assumed that 120Hz be used for game mode, while 60Hz should be set for normal tasks and battery saving.


The 2020 iPhones are the most powerful ever, thanks to the A14 chip, which run at over 3 GHz.


It can handle over 1 trillion operations per second and overtake all smartphones in terms of performance.


For iPhone 12, there no unsolvable task, the phone instantly load resource-intensive programs, play games at maximum graphics settings.


Together with the chip, the Neural Engine machine learning system be used, with which the iPhone better know the user's habits.

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